About Us

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Foin & Brenda Morrison are your DJs and Master Of Ceremonies.  Foin has been a dj for a little over 5 years, doing alot of weddings and corporate events.  Brenda has been a dj for a little over 3 years, but she really shines as the master of ceremonies.  Her personality and smile can light up a room, and she connects so well with everyone.  One of Foins expertise is crowd watching.  He knows how to get a dance floor full, and keep them there all night long.

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Our History

We have been doing wedding, and events for almost 6 years now.  We're a husband and wife team, that's been married going on for 20 years as of 2019.  We're high school sweethearts.  We work really hard to meet your needs, your wants, to make that day special for you. We believe in having fun, enjoying the day, and creating friends and memories for a lifetime.  We have 2 wonderful kids, one that is fixing for the military, the other one in middle school.  We believe in family, and making the most with your family.  

Our Philosophy

You get one shot into hiring your dj!  We work hard to make sure there's no regrets.  To make sure your dj fits your personalities, and to make sure it fits everyone's personalities.  If people are sitting around, not dancing, not smiling, and not having a good time, then we're not doing our job right.  We work hard to make sure everyone is enjoying their day, and want to hear everyone say, "We love that DJ!"